How You Can Help

doggie1The FSPCA is counting on our great community of animal lovers!  Donate, Sponsor, Volunteer, lend a hand...


Current Needs

kittie1The FSPCA has an immediate need for several items, for both our animals and facility. Please help out today!



Foster Care Program

Ther Fredericton SPCA is actively looking to recuit foster parents.

Foster Parents

Provide a temporary home (perhaps for 2 - 8 weeks) for animals waiting to be adopted. This is for animals that need extra care such as puppies, kittens, or animals recovering from an illness.

Behavioural fostering

Some dogs and cats require specific behaviour modification to increase their adoptability. With special training, some fosterers may wish to welcome dogs and cats into their home to solve their behavior problems.

Download a Foster Care Application by clicking here.

Once completed, please email your application form to:


For more information on how to become a furry foster family please contact